GTA 5 Benchmark: Windows 10 RS3 Clean By SasNet vs Windows 11 22000.51


Now that we finally have a legitimate Insider build of Windows 11 and not some gray-source leak of it, it's time to test it out. 

So for this test I benchmarked GTA 5 on Windows 10 RS3 Clean By SasNet (1709) and Windows 11 22000.51, on the same hardware. The tests on Windows 11 were done on a clean, fresh install of Windows. The results? Well:

So basically W10 1709 Clean destroys 11 in terms of  Max FPS and Min miliseconds. Surely, optimizing W11 in such a fasion that is close to the SasNet Clean version could potentially have a better impact in FPS and miliseconds performance. I will redo this test when SasNet officially releases a Clean version of Windows 11.

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