GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition - Completely Confirmed


UPDATE: Rockstar removed the logos and achievement icons from their site after this massive leak.

Twitter and GTAForums went crazy today as people leaked real info regarding the upcoming remakes of the GTA Trilogy.

As we see above, these are the logos leaked from Rockstar Games Launcher.

Moreover, the launcher also has an update and inside the exe people found hashes pointing to all three GTA Games with the `Unreal` tag at the end. That basically means that it's a remake, not a remaster.

All three GTAs were initially made on RenderWare engine, and now they are ported to Unreal Engine 4.

Users also leaked the Laucnher's background images for all three games 

And forumists also discovered achievements for all three games, here are some icons for GTA SA:

We shall expect a trailer soon and a release date of October 22nd, as mentioned by Rockstar as a `surprise` for GTA 3's 20 Year Anniversary.

Sources: Twitter, GTAForums

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