My personal opinion on the Windows 11 'leak'.


This week, a supposed "Windows 11" iso, "leaked" on the internet. We're no strangers with Microsoft having alpha/beta builds released to the public for feedback regarding bugs and other issues, they've done that since Windows 95 (released as Beta under the name Windows Chicago). However, they kind of stopped doing that since Windows 7. From Windows 8, every beta build for testing purposes was offered to Official Microsoft Developers ONLY. This argument is also valid because beta versions of Win 8 had a `Microsoft Confidential` note, in the right-hand corner of the screen:

Ok, back on track. So, what's this Windows 11? Is it real? Does it really exist right now?
Well, yes but, technically could be a no.

Firstly, people have been doing concept videos of the 'so-called' Windows 11 on YouTube for years. However, Microsoft stated 4 years ago that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows ever, and that it will be updated regularly. That, until they stated that support for Windows 10 will end October 2025.
Next up we have a teaser made by them on the official Windows YouTube channel of a 11-minute video with slo-fi remixes of all Windows startup sounds. That, correlated with the fact that they announced a special event on June 24th.

Ok, so we know that Microsoft is, indeed, preparing something for us. But could it really be Windows 11? Is this leaked version close to the original?
In my opinion, this leaked version is nothing but a reskinned version of Windows 10. The UI is mostly the same, with minor differences. It's nowhere near the original version Microsoft has in mind to release. Sure, it could be a beta/alpha build. However, upon opening Command Prompt, we get to see that the version number is 10.0.21996.1. Shouldn't it be 11?

Furthermore, my theory is that this is a reskinned version of Windows 10 X, with icons from Insider Preview of W10 21H2, that never made it into public release, because Microsoft dropped this project. See the similarities for yourself:
Windows 10 X, the dropped project from Microsoft

Windows '11'.

In conlusion, this can't be a beta version of Windows 11 for real. We lack a build number above the clock, CMD still states that is Windows 10. When 10 launched we could see a HUGE difference in user interface from Windows 8. Here, in this supposed leak, the UI is basically the same, with minor tweaks. Even the settings app is the same.

And Windows Update suggests that I need to install a Cumulative Update for WINDOWS 10!

We shall see what Microsoft announces June 24.

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