GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition | Modpack by TheTigerBeast


GTA: San Andreas - Definitive Edition | Modpack by TheTigerBeast

GTA SA Definitive Edition is the worst attempt at remastering the GTA Trilogy (III, VC and SA). 

So this modpack includes some fixes and improvements that aim to make GTA SA:DE at LEAST playable and faithful to SA Classic, although it is still a huge buggy mess.

Please note that these mods are for GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition 1.04!

Special thanks to NexusMods & MixMods for these mods!


|        MODS & SHORT INFO          |


Gameface .pak mods, install in Gameface\Content\Paks\~mods.

1.  Characters by BRONXBX (Enhances DE Claude and Ken to a faithful to Classic SA.)

2.  Effects Cut Fix (Restores cut effects from Classic SA.)

3.  Carcols Fix [Fixes an issue with car colouring being wrong (especially Big Smoke's car)]

4.  No Busted/Wasted Overlay (Removes the ugly blood and siren overlay when getting wasted/busted.)

5.  Rain Fix (Fixes the ugly DE rain)

6.  Rimmers Shirt Fix [(Fixes for Homie that has the nummber 7 on his shirt (bad AI Upscaling in DE)]

7.  Tire Black Smoke Fix (Fixes and restores the white smoke emerged by tires, as in Classic SA.)

8.  Water Ripple Fix (Removes the ugly ripple effect after jumping into water.)

9.  CJ Tattoos Fix (Fixes typos and bad resolution in CJ's tattoos.)

10. Fix Road Texture Blend Bug (Fixes an issue with road textures not blending properly)

11. Improved Cubmap Interiors (Removes some parallax interiors not being in place or repetitive ones)

12. Lighting Fix Mod Exterior (Fixes an issue with exterior cutscenes being too dark.)

13. Proper Player Retex (Enhances and repairs CJ's textures and some clothes)

14. Proper Vehicles Retex (Enhances vehicle textures and replaces bad AI upscaleed ones with HD version)

15. Vehicles Windows Fix [Fixes an issue with vehicle windows not showing and NPC sunglasses showing through windshield (Please go to Graphics settings and set Car Reflections to 'Screen')]

16. Darker Water (Makes the water a bit darker just like in Classic SA)

17. Classic Fonts (Makes the fonts more faithful to Classic SA)

18. Fog Distance Fix [Adds a nice Fog haze similar to Classic SA (prevents from seeing the entire map from altitude)]

19. No Outlines (Removes white outlines when aiming to an NPC)

20. Peds Run Fix (Fixes an issue in which grannys started running)

21. SA Radio Stations (Restores cut Radio Songs)

22. Anachronism Fixes [Fixes some photos and billboards being too modern for 1992 (e.g. girl holding smartphone)]

23. Disable Skins Variations (Completely disable the NPC clothes variations and restores them to Classic SA)

24. Fix Marker Light (Reduces marker light glow)

25. HD Tags (Makes graffiti HD)

26. Improved Ped Tattoos [Fixes peds' tattoos (e.g gang member having Africa tattoo)]

27. Improved Gunflash (Makes gunflash better)

28. Lake Water Fix. (Fixes the lake in Back O Beyond not showing water correctly)

29. Loadscreens 4K (Enhances the loadscreens to 4K Resolution)

30. Proper HD Jeans (Replaces DE's badly upscaled Jeans of CJ with proper HD ones)

31. Remastered Pictures Mod (Replaces the paintings in houses with HD ones)

32. RoSA Evolved [Completely replaces and upscales every single texture in SA:DE (cutscenes, signs, stores, roads, etc.)]

33. SA More People (Adds more peds and cars)

34. Sandstorm Fix (Fixes a bug with the sandstorm weather appearing buggy in some locations and on peds.)

35. HD Explosion Decal (Enhances the explosion texture to HD)

36. Improved Sand Bullethole (Fixes the sand bullethole.)

37. Proper Denise Retex (Properly Retextures Denise's skin)

38. Realistic Eyes (Fixes eyes showing red in some situations)

39. Catalina Bank Retex (Completely upscales the bank in Palomino Creek)

40. OG Loc Fix (Fixes OG Loc textures)


|       BUGS & TROUBLESHOOT         |



Q:  Game crashes from time to time. What can I do?

A:  Nothing atm. Game crashes because of poor optimization and coding, hence the UE4 Gameface Error.

Q:  I don't like x mod. How to I delete it?

A:  Simply navigate to your GTA SA:DE `Gameface\Content\Paks\Mods` folder and delete what mod you want to play without.

Q:  I have noticed a weird bug in the game. Where do I report it?

A: and create a Ticket.

Q:  Will these mods work for the mobile version of SA:DE that will be released?

A:  Idk, it's possible that it will not support mods. We'll see.


|         SCREENSHOTS      |


All screens were captured at 1920x1080 resolution. GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition is running on Ultra Presets in these screens, with Car Reflections set to "Screen".

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