GTA Vice City Definitive Edition | Modpack by TheTigerBeast


GTA: Vice City - Definitive Edition | Mod pack by TheTigerBeast

Includes mods that fixes most problems and restores things to the original PS2 variant.

Credits for the mods goes to NexusMods, MixMods, GTAInside & Matt1010 for the PS2 Animations.

Remember: any mod you dislike, you can uninstall by simply removing it.

List of Mods:

Gameface .pak mods, install in Gameface\Content\Paks\~mods.

1. Loadscreen Logo Fix (It puts the Definitive Edition Watermark in the loading screen)

2. Tire Black Smoke Fix (Fixes the tire smoke to be white instead of black)

3. Vice City Menu Sounds (Replaces the San Andreas menu sounds to the original Vice City ones)

4. VC Phil Fixed (Restores the original Phil's T-Shirt logo from Classic VC)

5. GTA VC Old Icons (Replaces the DE icons with Remastered Classic Icons)

6. Better Busted/Wasted (Replaces the DE filters when getting busted/wasted with a more subtle variant)

7. Lighting Fix Exterior/Interior (Fixes Lighting so that the game is not too dark)

8. Fixed Garage Door Sound (Fixes the ugly sound effect of the garage doors constantly looping)

9. Fog Distance Fix (adds fog to the game so you can't see the edge of the map anymore)

10. Classic Radio Icons

11. Haitian Unfriendly (Restores the uncensored dialogue regarding Haitians)

12. Improved Gunflash

13. Loadscreens 4K

14. Mission Completed Sound - High Quality, No Earrape

15. OGUI (Original Menu Background)

16. PS2 Anims (Restores the original PS2 animations)

17. Remastered Signs (Upscales the textures for some assets in game)

18. Weapon HUD Icon Fix (DE styled Classic Weapon Icons)

19. Full Radio Restoration (Restores the entire music library from the PS2 version)

20. Improved Sand Bullethole (Replaces bullethole textures when shooting in sand)

21. Realistic Eyes (No more Red Eyes)

22. Better Roads

23. Faithful Tommy (Replaces DE's indian Tommy face with the classic one)

24. Ken Fix (Replaces Ken's Baby Face with Xbox version)

25. VCS Diaz (Diaz's head from VCS)

26. VCS Lance (Replaces that ugly moustache)

My Documents Mod, install in Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA Vice City Definitive Edition\Config\WindowsNoEditor

27. Classic Camera Angle

GTA VC Definitive Edition Root Folder

28. Reshade Mod


All screens were captured at 1920x1080 resolution. GTA Vice City Definitive Edition is running on Ultra Presets in these screens.

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