Imagine similară

I'm sure many many of you are looking at different movies at late hours on the internet, and you've been confronted with the situation when you're almost dead-sleeping but you're definitely trying to make your way watching the end of the movie ... and you're asleep before it's over.
And your PC goes on until morning when you wake up.
Well, I found a solution to this problem. We can schedule the computer to close at a specific time.
Logically, we can use this method even if we are not watching movies, so we can use it in different situations.

First we make a shortcut.
Right-click desktop> New> Shortcut and a window will open.

In the first free space we write this way:
shutdown -s -t 3600
Where 3600 is the time expressed in seconds, that is 1 hour. Obviously you can choose another time.
After I wrote this, we hit Next and there we will write "Shutdown".

Once we can make a "program" for shutting down the computer we can also make a cancellation of it.
We will follow the same procedure just as in the first free space we will write the following:
shutdown -a

Which comes from "Abort".
If we do not want to make a file to cancel, simply write in RUN shutdown -a.

Click Next and in the next box write "Abort Shutdown".

And very simple if we accidentally clicked Shutdown or just want to cancel, double-click on "Abort".