GTA IV: Make any car backfire. The FIB Buffalo as a Sultan RS

 Title can be confusing, i know. I always loved the FIB Buffallo for the aggresive look as an undercover cop car. In TBoGT they made the civillian version backfire. So I wondered if you can make it backfire in IV as well. You can.

Tested on GTA IV The Complete Edition (Steam)

Modify default.ide and in vehicles.ide select the desired car and change these lines:


Game Name: SULTANRS (idk if leaving to FBI works as well)

which sould look like this

and from flags select ext_strong, ext_script, sports and ext_requi.

Save as default.ide. That's it. Your car now backfires. And you can still use the police horn and the computer as well. It's a frankenstein between FIB Buffallo and Sultan RS.

PSA: The car you modify will use the original handling you point it to. e.g (FBI will use SultanRS handling). Which is prone to roll over.

If you want more black smoke from the exhaust, check the "bangerexhaustfx" tick in the flag editor.

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