Windows 10 Pro v2004 Build 19041.264 RTM May Update 2020 Clean/LITE By SasNet

Basic Info: Windows 10 Pro v2004 Build 19041.264 RTM May Update 2020 Clean/LITE By SasNet Original Microsoft ISO Image from MSDN (v2004 Build 19041.264 RTM) * NO additional programs and software added. * NO serial needed during installation, the key is already inserted. * It's the original image from Microsoft except removes... It's just Windows without any kind of program from Microsoft. * Is a trial version, 30 days. After this period, buying a valid license OR activate with a pirate software at your own risk. Please report all bugs at Know Bug: ---Display language not working as expected, by default is English. Any keyboard language works fine.--- How to install? Unzip Burn iso to DVD or use USB Flash with Rufus Install Enjoy! What are the most important News? OS was updated at May Update 2020 (v2004 Build 19041.264 RTM) We completely deleted Windows Search and we implemented the "Search Everything" app for a deep, complex search. Microsoft Edge is deleted because it's vulnerable. Internet Explorer was left untouched in order to allow you to download your favourite browser. Now all latest SasNet releases includes all features from privacy and performance edition. **All Disabled services can be activated from services if you want!** This operating system is fully already optimizated. Install your drivers and run your favourite software's or/and games! System Req: Processor: 1.2 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or SoC RAM: 768 megabyte (MB) for 32-bit or 1 GB for 64-bit Hard disk space: 6 GB for 32-bit OS 9 GB for 64-bit OS(Used Disk) Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver Display: 800x600 Not working and NEVER working because is lite iso: -Bitlocker -Recovery -Restore -Rollback -Backup -Cortana and Windows Search (Implemented "Search Everything App") -Updates (This is a reason why sasnet make a new version every year) Please Read: - This iso image contains only Windows 10,IE,Media Player,Firewall,Notepad and Paint. - If you receive error 0x80300024 when you try to install this operating system please disconnect all hard and all ssd. After you have installed the operating system can connect.
Final Note: You must know, everything is deleted can not put back! We can not have all the functions in an lite iso. If you have nvidia video card please download and install latest drivers from official website.(Microsoft BUG) "May Update 2020" as all previous versions, has problems. Please report the issues here not to me. => Thanks, Download: Please do not bother me with this sh*t! Last Update: 31 May 2020,Romania