GTA San Andreas Remastered by SasNet

***What does this GTA SA Remastered by SasNet contain?***
- New Classic ENB
- Forza Horizon Speedometer
- Modern Vegetation (trees, palms, grass, sand, sky, water, etc.)
- Enhanced Particles
- All vehicles were replaced with modern ones
- New modern weapon skins
- New modern gun & cars sounds
- New dubs and Lighthouses
- Implemented Cleo & ModLoader
- Implemented Open Limit Adjuster
- Implemented Optimiser and MasterEffect
- New modern loading screens with audio
- New streets and sidewalks, modern in most locations.
- Trainer Menu (Ctrl + C to activate it)
- Implemented Hot Coffee Adult Mod

It's the standalone version. You don't need the original game.
Unzip with 7zip or WinRAR and run gta_sa.exe
Install Size: 10GB

It's recommended to install it on an SSD. In case you don't have an SSD, make sure that you defragmented your Hard Disk in the last months.
This modded game is recommended only for medium or high-end systems (Minimum 2GB VRAM). If you have lag, in Menu - Options you have an option called "mod configuration" where you can activate and deactivate some mods.

~~~Mods and Credits:~~~
- GTA San Andreas Remastered By SasNet
- SasNetENB By SasNet (See all credits on gtainside)
- Vehicles Mod By SasNet with 40% of handlings lines by TheTigerBeast
- GTA V Hud By DK22Pac
- SA_Speedometer By By DK22Pac
- Open Limit Adjuster By Sergey P.
- Cleo By Alien, DK22Pac, ThirteenAG
- ModLoader By Link2012
- MasterEffect By martymcfly
- Vegetation & Items & Audio By INSANITY
- Enhance ParticleTXD By Junior_Djjr
- Trainer Menu By UNRATED69

---> This mod was created by SasNet <---