Windows Lite by SasNet - Q&A

Yes, The Windows Operating system is good, but it requires A LOT of attention. That's the reason we created this project. SasNet Windows Lite it's a project that started in 2009 with the thought of having the perfect Windows, without having to add any Microsoft additional software. A clean operating system, fast and already optimized, ideal for any home user without extra big expectations. 
In 2012 I launched the first Windows version for the public and my idea was very well welcomed and appreciated.
 You have to be aware of the fact that a Windows Lite doesn't have all of the Original Windows functions. It only has the basic functions. 
I recommend reading everything it includes/ it lacks before downloading. If you are the type of user that likes having all those useless functions, this windows is NOT for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Windows Lite Clean by SasNet:

1) Who is this operating system dedicated to?
For anyone who's using it for the following purposes: Office, Multimedia, Gaming, Videochat, Video Editing, Video Rendering, etc.

2) Is this operating system activated? Is It Legal?
It's not activated. You cannot activate it using a legit key. Use KMS. It is 100% legal because it was downloaded from the Microsoft website.

3) Is this iso image bootable?
Yes, it's bootable. You need a DVD or USB flash drive.

4) Many things that I need have been removed, what can I do?
Install the Original version.

5) Does this operating system also work on tablets?
No, and it will NEVER WORK.

6) Why are the updates deleted?
Windows 10, as you already know, has a stupid update system in background. This system lowers the performance of your PC. For Windows XP, 7 & 8.1, you can manually disable them from services.msc.

7) Which systems are dedicated to this operating system?
Any system, Low End and/or High End.

8) What are the minimum requirements to run this operating system decently?
SasNet recommends minimum requirements to be:
A dual core 2.0ghz procesor 
1GB RAM for a decent run.

9) Why were the App store and Xbox app removed?
They were removed because they did not work correctly with the lite version.

10) Why was Windows photo viewer deleted?
It is an outdated software with fewer options. I recommend irfanview or xnview.

11) I want to play games in the app store. What should I do?
You need to install the original version.

12) Does this operating system have bugs?
Of course, any software and game has bugs. Some are smaller, some are bigger.

13) Why does SasNet release a new version every few months?
Because a windows lite can not be fully updated. That's why SasNet makes a new version every 8-12 months.

14) Can I update this version?
No, Windows update is deleted.

15) I received an error when installing / running an application or a game. What can I do?
SasNet has tested over 150 softwares, all worked well. Only Fruity Loops does not work. If you have any problems, please contact us:

More info at the official website: